Artificial Intelligence and Multi-agent Systems (AIMS)

The goal of AIMS is to advance the state of the art in Computer Science and Engineering with a main focus on Artificial Intelligence Techniques, Multi Agent Systems (MASs), and their applications. Our research deals with the design and the implementation of innovative computer-assisted methods to solve key engineering problems in fields such as Robotics and Autonomous Systems, Mechanical Design, Verification and Reasoning, Software and Cyber-Physical Systems with an emphasis on applicable logic-based methods. We are also interested in modeling, verification, rapid prototyping, and development of tools for MASs, mainly based on computational logic and declarative agent languages and technologies.


Automated reasoning: planning, scheduling, design and configuration

Automated software engineering: analysis of software requirements and test pattern generation

Intelligent Systems for Big Data: intelligent data integration, repair and consistent query answering

Formal methods: simulation and verification for cyber-physical systems, verification-enhanced learning

Multi-agent systems: engineering and relationships between agents and semantic web technologies

ERC classification:
PE6_7 Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent and Multi-agent Systems

Keywords: Automated Reasoning; Automated Software Engineering; Intelligent Systems for Big Data; Formal Methods; Multi-agent Systems;

Contact Person: Armando Tacchella

Last update 12 January 2022