Digital Humanities


The course is based on a practical and theoretical approach to the treatment of the objects of study of the humanities - texts, images, sounds, videos - with methodologies, languages ​​and tools typical of the IT disciplines. Thanks to these teachings, you can operate in sectors such as digital communication, protection / conservation of cultural heritage, creative industries, digital art, infographics, web design, web marketing, teaching with ICT, gaming, simulations.

Learning by doing

The course offers you numerous specialized laboratories to acquire skills in the field:

  • WebRadio Campuswave laboratory for creative and journalistic writing for new media;
  • 3DLab for shooting and editing images and videos, including immersive ones;
  • graphic and web design workshop;;
  • 'Casa Paganini' research laboratory for human-machine interaction.

Professional outlets

Designer / manager of:

  • communication with new media;
  • environments and services for communicating online;
  • online promotion actions - WebMarketingExpert, SEO;
  • content for online communication - ContentManager, Curator, SocialMediaManager;
  • Web Designer.
Last update 14 December 2021