Apply to MaLGa's Computer Vision and Deep Learning PhD summer courses

You still have a few days to apply to "Computer Vision Crash Course" and "Deep Learning: a Hands-on Introduction"!

This year the two courses will be held in synergy, as their contents and timetable are totally integrated. Therefore, although they can be taken independently, we strongly encourage applicants to take both.

Deep Learning: a Hands-on Introduction

This course will provide a hands-on introduction to Deep Learning, starting from its foundations and discussing the various types of deep architectures and tools currently available. The theoretical classes will be coupled with hands-on activities in lab (in Python using Keras), giving the possibility of practicing deep learning with examples from real-world applications, with particular focus on visual data. Besides well established approaches, the course will also highlight current trends, open problems and potential future lines of research.

Computer Vision is indeed one of the most classical and effective applications of DL in the real world. Contributions from the CVCC course will constitute a complementary deepening on principles of computer vision and visual perception in artificial agents.

Computer Vision Crash Course:

Visual perception, a key element of Artificial Intelligence, allows us to build smart systems sensitive to surrounding environments, interactive robots, video-cameras with real time algorithms running on board. With similar algorithms, our smart-phones can log us in by recognizing our face, read text automatically, improve the quality of the photos we shoot. At the core of these applications are computer vision models, often boosted by machine learning algorithms. The course covers the basic principles of computer vision and visual perception in artificial agents, including theoretical classes, application examples, hand-on activities.

At the same time, by borrowing from DL, we also present deep learning approaches to computer vision problems such as image classification, detection and semantic segmentation.

The courses will be held from 12 to 20 July by Profs. Francesca Odone and Nicoletta Noceti.

Check out all the details on the courses webpages and apply by April 30th!



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