Asl2 - UNIGE: “Archery, a sport for everyone”

We are pleased to announce that the Spinal Cord Unit of the Santa Corona Hospital (Pietra Ligure, SV, Italy) will hold a social and sports day dedicated to archery, a sport open to people with any level of (dis)ability. The event will involve the archer of the Fiamme Oro Cinzia Noziglia, recent individual and team gold medal at the European Indoor Championships. On this day the Italian athlete will participate in the research project of the Spinal cord Italian Laboratory: “Biomechanics of archery: advanced analysis techniques for the characterization of movement and muscle activity in archers with spinal cord injuries and unimpaired archers”. At the event will also participate some of the main representatives of the Italian Archery Federation (FITARCO).

Organizers: Spinal Cord Italian Lab (SCIL), DIBRIS (UNIGE) and Santa Corona Hospital, Als2 (SV), joint laboratory

Partners: Asl1 (GE), Federazione Italiana Tiro con l’Arco (FITARCO) and Emac Srl Tecnologia Vitale

Date: Thursday, April 28th, 2022

Time: 2:30 p.m.

Location: Spinal Cord Unit, Santa Corona Hospital, Pietra Ligure, SV, Italy

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